YO-ZURI HYBRID Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 40lb/600yd Clear Color


  1. Our goal of developing a new, revolutionary fishing line was lofty – make a line that was stronger, more abrasion-resistant, more sensitive and more durable than any nylon lines on the market, and make it affordable. When we figured out how to extrude nylon and fluorocarbon, under extremely precise tolerances, into a complex, molecularly bonded fishing line, we knew we had something special.
  2. Hybrid is the first and only fishing line that molecularly bonds nylon and fluorocarbon during extrusion. The result is a strong, dense new material that we call Hybrid. Hybrid takes advantage of the awesome abrasion resistance and sensitivity of fluorocarbon, while utilizing the flexibility and stretch of nylon. The result will open your eyes to a new level of fishing line performance.


  • Yo-Zuri HYBRID is the closest modern technology has come to producing a line which receives high marks in all of these important performance categories.
  • Strength – HYBRID is the first and only fishing line to combine high quality nylon and fluorocarbon, resulting in a small diameter line with unmatched impact resistance and knot strength. The high density of fluorocarbon creates increased higher strength.
  • Stretch – This is very important when determining actual strength in a fishing situation. The addition of nylon to HYBRID slightly increases stretch and resiliency versus 100% fluorocarbon lines. Controlled stretch prevents “pop-offs” by transferring energy to the line over a slightly longer period of time.
  • Sensitivity – In most nylon lines, stretch means less sensitivity. Due mostly to its substantially higher specific gravity, fluorocarbon transfers energy MUCH faster than nylon. Fluorocarbon allows anglers to feel activity (such as a strike) through the fishing line much faster than nylon due to the increased transmission speed of this energy. HYBRID is much more sensitive than traditional nylon lines.
  • Wet Versus Dry Strength – Most anglers know when nylon monofilament absorbs water it loses some of its strength. Yo-Zuri HYBRID, because of its high fluorocarbon content and double fluorocarbon coating, is 100% waterproof. HYBRID will retain 100% of its dry knot and tensile strength even after a full day of fishing.
  • UV Resistance – Fluorocarbon is inert, a property which makes it resistant to most chemicals and UV radiation which will deteriorate normal nylon monofilament lines. HYBRID’s fluorocarbon properties make it nearly 100% resistant to such line weakening exposure.
  • Durability – HYBRID will last an incredibly long time. Since the line is resistant to nearly all water borne atmospheric conditions which can weaken lines, it should last four to five times longer than most nylon monofilament lines.
  • Casting Distance – Because of the high density and specific gravity of fluorocarbon, Yo-Zuri HYBRID weighs more than nylon monofilaments. Casting distance is appreciably greater than similar diameter nylon lines because line weight is an integral component in achieving casting distance. Also, the hard, slick finish creates far less resistance as the line runs through the guides.
  • High Reel Capacity – HYBRID is very strong for its diameter. We have included average break strengths for each diameter in the Hybrid Line Chart, allowing fishermen to make their own decisions on what strength and diameter line is appropriate. For example, our 20# test is 0.017″ in diameter, and its average break strength is approximately 26 lbs. If someone is looking for a true 20# break strength line, or would like extra reel capacity, they may choose to spool up with our 12# or 15# sizes.
  • Water Resistance – Yo-Zuri HYBRID has a slick, non-porous finish. This allows it to pass through water with very little drag. In situations where fast-moving fish create substantial drag on the line, HYBRID excels by allowing the angler to recover line more quickly and to maintain more consistent pressure on the fish.
  • Visibility – HYBRID is available in tinted to allow for visibility above the water or new clear. Clear HYBRID’s light refractivity and visibility is lower than nylon, yet somewhat higher than 100% fluorocarbon.
  • Abrasion Resistance – The same slick, non-porous finish that makes HYBRID waterproof also makes it extremely abrasion resistant. This hard, smooth outside finish resists abrasion from rocks, wrecks and sharp-toothed fish.
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