WOODSTOCK BRAIDED DACRON Fishing Line Deep Water White 80lb-600yd



  • Deep Water White Color


  1. Stretch and Strength When spooling up on your reel, Woodstock Braided Line will not stretch like mono lines. Stronger than mono, won’t snap when fish is on your hook. Hollow core and sliceable for use with your favorite mono or fluorocarbon leaders
  2. Compact Size – Won’t bury in the spool and packs better on any reel. Picks up less water and has unbelievable strength-to-size ratio. Ties more easily and holds knots better with near zero stretch and no reel memory. Abrasion resistant.
  3. Reel and Guides : Braided line will not stretch on the reel and cling to the barrel. This means more line on your reel. Glides effortlessly through guides for longer casts and won’t cut guides. Resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards and maintains performance over time.
  4. Setting the Hook -When you get a strike, relax; a gentle snap of your wrist will set the hook. Because braided line doesn’t stretch like nylon lines, you won’t get that rubber-band effect. Every inch you move your rod tip equals an inch of movement at the lure.
  5. Water and Abrasion Resistance – Woodstock Braided Line is heat set and waterproofed that makes it extremely abrasion resistant. This smooth outside finish resists abrasion from rocks, wrecks and sharp-toothed fish. Water runs off your spool. Will not rot.
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