Car 12-LED Strobe Emergency Lamps Surface Mount Flashing Lights For Truck Pickup


Newest 3rd Generation High Power strobe light, 2 times Brighter than before!
This item works on All 12V or 24V vehicles.
No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.
Low Consumption. Energy-saving. Long Lifespan.
Each unit consists of 12 high intensity LEDs with optic lenses.
Self-contained light head, no external flasher required.
Last pattern memory recall.
Optional high and low intensity.
Compact and light weight, easy to use.
Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting.
Built-in heat sink.
Black flange included for protection and stealth.
Enhance driving safety, avoid traffic accident.
6 lighting modes.
Application: Signal light, Daytime running light, Fog light etc.
Fits Off road vehicle, ATVs, truck, engineering vehicles, forklift, trains, boat, marine, bus, and tanks, etc.

You only need to connect 2 wires to vehicle – red to a positive and black to earth the yellow wire only needs to be connected to a push switch to earth if you wish to change the flash patterns, or touched to earth to change to desired pattern at time of install then no longer needed.

Note: The listing has been revised for another item since 21 Feb. 2022.
Product Specifications:
Type: 12 LED Car Emergency Light
Material Type: Diecast Aluminum Housing
Wattage: 36W
Lighting color: Amber & White
LED quantity: 12 x Light emitting diodes
Package Include:
4 x 12 LED Car Emergency Light
4 x Protection Pad
8 x Screws

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