601x Small Screws And Nuts Set For Electronics Watches Glasses M1 M1.2 M1.4 M1.6


Product Feature

  1. Great Quality: Screws nuts are made of stainless steel. They have superior rust resistance and the excellent of oxidation resistance, which can ensure long time using.
  2. High Efficiency: Our screw thread is very sharp, clean and accurate. And the compact thread is not easy to out of shape and slid in the process of rolling.
  3. Good Storage and Assortment: Useful assortment, contains 12 popular sizes. A variety of sizes can meet the maximum of requirement for you.
  4. Portable: All of Screw and nuts will be packed in a durable transparent plastic box with specification label, don’t have to worry about damage or disorder.
  5. Wide Application: Application for watches, glasses, electronics or anything else repair that requires small screws.

Product Specification
Type 12 Kinds of Screws
Material Stainless Steel
Box Size 8cm/3.2in
12 Models M1.2 nut, M1.4 nut, M1.0 x 3.6, M1.2 x 3.6, M1.4 x 2.4, M1.4 x 2.6, M1.4 x 2.8, M1.4 x 3.0, M1.4 x 4.0, M1.4 x 4.5, M1.4 x 6.0 Rivit hand, M1.6 x 4.5
Quantity 600pcs (Each model for 50pcs)

Package Included
1 x Screws Nuts Assortment Kit (600pcs)
1  Screwdriver

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