Portable Lint Remover Cloth Fuzz Fabric Shaver Metal Removing Roller Brush Tool


  1. Portable Lint Remover, pet epilator, Clothes Fuzz Shaver – Reusable Double Sided Lint Remover Travel Brush for Removing Lint Pet Hair Dust in Clothes and Furniture
  2. Perfect design-ergonomically designed beech wood handle, comfortable grip, no hand injury. 4.7-inch wide blade, wide hair removal area can save you time and energy, and can easily remove pet hair from clothes And the cushion is removed without cleaning
  3. The high-quality pure copper cutter blade is sharp, rust-free, durable, and easy to remove all kinds of fluff and hair balls. The stainless steel support frame ensures that the portable hair remover clothes cleaning tool is durable
  4. Two cutter heads with two functions, the inwardly inclined head is used to take out the ball, and the other side is used to straighten clothes. New teeth can quickly remove lint without damaging clothes
    Convenience-The portable lint-removing razor is light and portable, and will not take up space when stored. You can use it to scrape the hairballs and fluff on the clothes at any time to restore the appearance of the clothes and make the clothes look new.
  5. Wide range of uses-manual hair remover can easily remove woolen sweaters, wool, double-sided cashmere, wool velvet, fluffy balls, pet hair, etc., leaving no sticky residue, very suitable for cleaning clothes
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