One Way Window Film Privacy Tint UV Blocking Reflective Heat Control For House


  • Material PET
  • Color Silver
  • Size 152cm X 61cm ( 60 In* 24In)
  • Thickness 0.09MM
  • 20% VLT ( Visible Light Transmission)
  • 99% UVR ( Blocks 99% UV Rays )
  • 82% IRR (InfraRed Rays Rejected

1, Improved Comfort 2, Improved Energy Savings
3, Increased Privacy 4,Increased fade protection
5, Reduced glare 6, Increased safety and security
The one way window film provides great intended privacy ONLY during daytime. The side with brighter light would show a mirror-like appearance. So the mirror-effect would be reversed at night since the inside will be brighter than the outside, which means people would be able to SEE THROUGH the window. Remember to draw a curtain during night.
2. INSULATION&ENERGY SAVING :can keep cool in summer and retain heat in winter, helping you save money by cutting the high energy bills.
3. Easy to remove the backing:Use 2 pieces of tape to apply to both sides of the corners and pull.Spray a lot of water to the window and film when you install.
4. SAFETY PROTECTION:To strengthen the glass,reduce the damage caused by splashing glass fragments.

How To Install a Perfect Windom Film?
Step 1. Make your windows or glass doors extremely clean, make sure there’s no glue residue or dust, especially corners.
Step 2. Measure the exact dimensions of your window and cut the film into the right size.
Step 3. Remove protective liner of the film, spray enough soapy water onto the surface of the glass and the film, then place the film against glass.
Step 4. Squeegee out all bubbles from the center to all the four edges. Make sure there is no visible bubble left on the surface.
Step 5. Trim away the redundant film edges (leaving a gap of 1/16 inches between the film and window frame). Then wipe the window clean.

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