ABN Rubber Eraser Wheel & Drill Adapter 1-Pack Adhesive Remover, Vinyl Decal


If you have spent hours ruining your nails trying to remove decals or stickers, the ABN Automotive Eraser Wheel Adhesive Remover Tool and Drill Adapter is your cleaning resolution. Unlike razor blades, flame torches, and hazardous cleaning solutions, this rubber eraser wheel tool quickly removes dried out pinstripes, stickers, decals, and double-faced tape without harming you or your vehicle. Simply pop the pinstripe eraser wheel onto your household drill (drill not included), turn on, then apply light pressure to the vinyl letter and watch it disappear before your eyes. Great for use on paint, chrome, glass, and metal surfaces. Not for use on lacquer coatings, plastic, or reflective tape. Includes 1 adhesive removal discs and 1 rubber eraser wheel adapter bits.
Obliterate Baked-On Decals Use the ABN Rubber Eraser Wheel Decal Remover and Eraser Drill Bit to easily remove vinyl lettering, decals, graphics, stickers, pinstripes, double-sided molding tape, and trim on your car, truck, camper, boat, motorcycle, or other recreational and commercial vehicles
Durable Construction High-grade natural rubber adhesive remover wheel has a slotted design to increase control without overheating and causing build up; 4 inch (10.2cm) diameter and 1 inch (2.5cm) width helps to remove large, rough pieces easily
Safe for Your Vehicle Unlike traditional sticker remover tools, the car decal remover adhesive eraser wheel is chemical-free and can be used on acrylic enamel, chrome, and painted finishes without causing damage; Remove decals from metal or glass surfaces; Not recommended for plastic, fiberglass, or lacquer coatings
Works with Your Drill Package includes (1) 4 inch vinyl remover auto eraser wheel and (1) drill adapter arbor to fit your electric or pneumatic drill; Durable rubber wheel decal remover withstands up to 4,000 RPM (Best results between 1,500 and 3,000 RPM)
Easy to Use Attach auto decal eraser wheel to your drill using the included eraser drill bit; Apply light pressure starting at the top of the decal and move side to side; Always use proper protective equipment when working with power tools


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