Mini DIY Portable Sewing Machine Tailor Stitch Hand-held Home Travel Cordless US



  •  Perfect Portable Design?Mini handheld sewing machine, lightweight and compact, easy to carry, ergonomic design. You can easily solve the sewing problem when you meet the emergency problem of sudden disconnection, which is very convenient. The portable sewing machine is a good helper for life, suitable for home, travel etc.
  • Two Power Modes?You can directly use 4*AA batteries for power supply or use direct current(batteries not included). You can choose according to your needs. Easy to operate, after installing the batteries or plugging in the power source, you just need to press the power button to use it.
  • Widely Used and Easy to Operate?Small household sewing machine is suitable for fabrics, clothing, pants, jeans,T-shirts, curtains and wall hangings. Beginners can also use it, children can make DIY creations,sewing small clothes,handkerchiefs etc. This is not only a toy, it can also cultivate good habit of children’s hands-on and add more fun.
  • Complete Tools?The box includes: 1 * Mini Protable Sewing Machine, 8 * Bobbins, 10 * Safety Pins, 1 * Tape Measure, 1 * Scissor, 1 * Sewing Needles, 1 * Long Rods, 1 * Needle Threaders, 1 * Sewing Needle, 1* Operating Instructions,1*USB Cable. The tools are complete, you can use it directly without buying other things.
  •  Practical Gift? Handheld sewing machine can perfectly solve small sewing problems, and you can give it to your friends and family.

How To Use

  1.  Standby: four fingers hold stand, with the right-hand thumb naturally on the fuselage cover, hold the machine smoothly.
  2. Put cloth: lift the clamp using the right index finger, put already for sewing fabric formation in linking piece, gently back platen pressure fabric
  3.  The sewing operation: a fabric with his left hand, right-hand thumb gently underground pressure quickly, automatic feed institutions will be sewn to the left. Degraded gradually moves to the right hand, left hand hold the cloth with sewing rhythms gently seam will be moving to the left, until the end of sewing
  4.  This function automatically into the cloth and adjust the consistency between the pins.
  5. Change the thread, such as in big thread, to spare extension rod and wire tube shaft connection, set into the big thread. And threading, again after adjusting line elastic sewing.
  6. Change the needle: loosen the screw, remove the broken needle, with the new pin.

Product Specification
Type Sewing Machine

  • Material Plastic + Metal
  • Color Black
  • Power by 4 x AA battery(not include)/USB Cable
  • Suitable for Fabrics, clothing, pants, jeans,T-shirts, curtains and wall hangings.
  • Application Can make DIY creations,sewing small clothes,handkerchiefs etc.

Package Included
1 x Mini Portable Sewing Machine
8 x Bobbins
10 x Safety Pins
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Scissor
1 x Sewing Needles
1 x Long Rods
1 x Needle Threaders
1 x Sewing Needle
1 x Operating Instructions
1 x USB Cable

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