Beard Derma Roller Hair Beard Regrowth & Skin Rejuvena 540 Titanium Micro Needle



  • Material: Medical Stainless Steel + Plastic
  • Optional Color: Gold, Silver
  • Optional Needle Sizes: 0.25mm
  • Width of the Roller Handle: Approx. 2cm / 0.79″
  • Total Length of the Roller: Approx.13.5cm / 5.31″
  1. This micro needle roller can help to exfoliate, improve product absorption of beard oils and serums
  2. applied right after, promote a much healthier, thicker beard.
  3. Can be used to help stimulate hair growth in balding areas or any other desired area.
  4. Improves the skin’s ability to absorb skin care products such as topical serums, creams etc.
  5. Use it to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, scars and tighten loose, sagging skin.
    Package Includes:
    1 x Micro Needle Roller
    (Others are NOT included)
    How to Choose the Needle Roller Head:
    0.25mm for hair loss and beard regrowth
    and eye bags.
    Use Tips:
    Soak the needle roller head in 75% alcohol for 15 minutes before and after use to disinfect. Then rinse the alcohol with boiling water.
    Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and dry with a cotton pad.
    Apply the required skin care products evenly on your face.
    Choose the right roller and roll it in “*” way on your face, less than 20 times on one part. Most people’s skin will turn red when using derma roller. Please do not use too much force or may hurt your skin. Discontinue use or seek help from hospital professionals if you feel unwell.
    Apply a special repair mask to avoid infection caused by other masks. Do not wash your face on the day after using derma roller.
    Apply the relevant special liquid, please do not apply irritating cosmetics makeup.

Kindly Notes of After Use:
1. During treatment, eat less spicy food, do not drink drinks with strong pigment, do not apply irritating cosmetics, do not wash the treatment part for 12 hours after using derma roller, avoid sauna during treatment period, eat more food containing VC.
2. People who is with severe heart disease, diabetes, vitiligo, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor blood coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorder or scar hyperplastic skin please use under doctor’s instruction.
3. Pregnancy, lactation and menstruation are forbidden to use.
4. People who are allergic to proteins and metals should use carefully under doctor’s instruction.
5. To prevent infection, please do not use if face has serious wound, serious couperose skin, serious skin acne and scar constitution.
6. Avoid sunlight exposure to protect your skin the next day.
7. Using derma rollers individually to avoid cross infection.
Kindly Notes:
*Please compare the details before your purchase.
*Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s real color may has slight difference.
*Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
*Thank you for your kindly understanding.

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