Automatic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Machine Meter BP Cuff


Automatic High Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP Cuff Gauge Machine Tester Meter Kit

Lot Fancy FDA Portable Auto Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Home Measurement BP Machine

Batteries NOT included.

  • Cuff Size M size 8.6 to 14.2 Inches
  • FDA approved and CE certified. Don’t take chances with non-FDA approved devices
  • Easy to use, with automatic inflation and reading of blood pressure and heart rate
  • Easy-to-read big 4 inches LCD display 3.31 x2.17 inches
  • Irregular heart beat detection, 60×2 memories for 2 users, last 3 results average
  • WHO blood pressure classification indicator ,low battery indicator , auto shut off function conserve your battery life
  • Be sure to order the correct size for your upper arm measurement.
    Apply cuff as illustrated in the manual and tighten firmly before starting the reading.
  • Take blood pressure at the same time every day. In the morning shortly after getting up is best.
  • Avoid eating, alcohol, smoking, exercising, medications, and bathing for 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure.
  • Rest in a chair for 5 to 10 minutes before taking a reading.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and rest your arm on a table at approximately heart level for the reading.
  • Note that your blood pressure can vary significantly in as little as a few minutes.
  • For maximum accuracy you can use the option to average your last 3 readings.


  1. Measurement Range
    Pressure: 0mmHg-300mmHg
    Pulse: 30-180 Beats/Minute
  2. Measurement Accuracy
    Pressure: 3 mmHg
    Pulse: 5%

Automatic Pressurization

120 memories in two groups
with Date and Time

Unit Weight
Approx. 10.72oz (Excluding Batteries)

Unit Dimensions
6.54×4.49×2.83 Inches

Package Includes
1 x Blood pressure monitor + Adapter
1 x Cuff;
1 x User Manual
Note: batteries not include

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