3/4 Orthopedic Shoe Insoles Flat Feet Support Inserts Plantar Fasciitis Soft Pad


1. High Quality Material: the insoles was made of EVA + Velvet, soft and elastic, breathable and sweat-absorbent, wear-resistant and durable;
2. Ergonomically Design: ergonomically designs arch and heel support insoles for men and women. The insoles are all designed with a contoured heel cup and arch support for feet to ensure maximum comfort and arch support;
3. Gel Honeycomb Structure: Honeycomb structure can cushions the vibrations generated during walking, disperses foot pressure and relieves pain;
4. 3/4 Design: Our insoles are different from the ordinary all-inclusive insole, with a length of 3/4, which gives the toes a space to move, and corrects the arch heel while protecting the toes from being squeezed and deformed;
5. Good breathability: The insole is provided with venting holes around it, refreshing and smell-less. It is not sticky when you use it in summer;
6. U-shaped Heel Design: It can maintain correct foot position, stabilize the foot and improve your foot deformity, effectively help the foot and bones in the movement neutral, reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes;
7. Three-point Mechanics: Three-point support for the forefoot, arch and heel, suitable for people with pain caused by arch pressure and problems with walking posture

Good For: Plantar fasciitis, flatfoot, over pronation and high arch foot.
Package Include:
3/4 Orthotic Insole x1 Pair

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