2Pc Fire Starter Flint Steel Striker Survival Kit Ferro Rod Outdoor Camping Tool


Ferrocerium rods are made from Iron, Magnesium and mostly of an alloy of rare earth metals called mischmetal with an excellent pyrophoric percentage : 98% min
Compact, easy to store, transport, and use
Wooden handle fits easily into your palm
Come with one high-carbon steel scraper, for your convenient
Pre-drilled hole on wood handle with carrying straps for easy transportation
Can be used in most weather or low temperature
Multinational ruler, can be used as ruler, bottle opener and saw-tooth
Suitable for military, hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities

To start a fire, follow the steps below:
Prepare some kindling (withered grass, leaves, paper, etc.)
Use scraper to slowly scrape some magnesium from the lighter rod onto the kindling
Quickly scrape the lighter rod to create a spark onto the kindling
Fire Starter
Dimensions: Diameter: 1/4″; Length: 3″ (with handle: 6.75″)
Weight: 2.17oz (Include handle)
Material: Magnesium/Ferrocerium
Color: Black
Dimensions: 2.5″(L) x 0.785″(W) x 0.05″ (Thick)
Material: High-Carbon Steel
Color: Black

Items Included
2pcs 1/4″ x 3″ Large Ferrocerium Fire Starter Rod with Handle
2pcs High-Carbon Steel Scraper

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