2x Glass Window Wiper Cleaner Squeegee Shower Screen Mirror Home Car Blade Brush



  1. Value Squeegees: This durable, lightweight shower squeegee work like a charm to keep your shower doors ‘n more looking brand new for years. Helps fend off yucky hard water stains for aProfessional Streak-Free Clean on counters, windows, mirror surfaces and more.
  2. Simple, Smart Design: The all-purpose window squeegee features a 9.5” inch wide wiping blade that’s wide enough to tackle large areas and a large hanging loop for effortless storage. Stash one in your kitchen sink, car garage, and one in each bathroom.
  3. Easy to Use: This hand-held squeegee for window cleaning is made with a comfy grip handle that won’t tire your hands out while cleaning. Its’ slim design is easy to handle and fits into small, tight spaces. A great addition to your shower accessories.
  4. Heavy-Duty Durability: Our commercial heavy-duty squeegee is made of strong plastic to ensure a long-lasting squeegee that will help you maintain a sparkling clean house and auto.
  5. Multi-Purpose: It is suitable for cleaning and scraping water on the glass, bathtub, mirror, wall, car glass, etc.

Product Specification
Type Window Squeegee

  • Material Plastic+ Silicon Wiper Blade
  • Weight 60g/pcs
  • Length 25x22cm
  • Color Red
  • Package Included
  • 1Pcs Window Squeegee Red


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