0.55oz Floating Row Crop Cover / Frost Blanket / Garden Fabric Plant Cover Cloth



1.Multipurpose Garden Fabric: floating cover, row cover, seed germination cover, plant cover, frost cover, summer shading cover, insect barrier fabric
2.Great for spring seed germination and young seedlings, extend the growing season, increasing more harvest and protect against insects and birds
3.Applicable for vegetable such as tomato, pepper, pumpkin, strawberry rows, fruit trees, citrus, flowers as well as newly-sown grass
4.Fabric is spun polypropylene, which is also used by commercial growers for plant protection
5.Extends growing seasons to produce bigger, better and earlier crop yields.
6.85% light transmission
Grow cover is great for protecting new seeds and young seedlings and extending the season. The row cover keep vegetables growing in winter. In summer, row cover reflects the heat of summer better than any shade cloth. You can pray the cover with water during the heat of the day and it keeps raised beds cool. You can also start your warm season seeds about a month earlier if they are covered with grow cover. It does protect your crops from the birds, worms, slugs and snails and other hungry critters. It’s great stuff and worth the investment. And you can double the row cover to have extra protection for much colder weather. Row cover can modify the environment around the plant, favorably resulting in more rapid growth, earlier maturity, and possibly increased yields. It also extends the growing season, increasing more harvest. The first vegetables of the season bring the best price. 10 to 14 days earlier production can mean several cents more per pound or dollars per box .


Material: non-woven fabric
Purpose: winter freeze-proof, cold-proof and heat preservation
Size: 4 Sizes for choice
Color: white


1x Agfabric 10x50ft Heavy Floating Row Cover for Flower/Crop Frost Protection 0.55oz

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