4 Piece Interior Clear Car Vehicle All Weather Rubber Floor Mats


Product Description
? PROTECTIVE – The car floor mat provide protection like no other mats do. These mats keep your car floor from accidental liquid spills, snow, mud, dusts, and even germs. They are surely perfect especially during bad weather.
? CLEAR – The car floor mats make you retains the beauty of your car interior. Because they’re colorless, they can match any color, they can even show the color of the carpeted floor. They can also be used as second layer mats to provide optimum protection.
? SMART-DESIGN ? The front and the back side of the car floor mats have nib vinyl that keeps you from slipping or falling. It also keeps the mats from shifting.
? PREMIUM QUALITY – The car floor mat is made with premium quality rubber material to ensure durability and longevity. You won’t have to constantly change your mats due to damage.
? EASY CLEAN – The car floor mat can be easily cleaned and maintained. Simply take out the mats and rinse with soap and water. The mats do not have deep fissures that harbor dirt and any unwanted elements so you won’t take time cleaning them.

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