2x Car Roller Shades Roll Down Mesh Window Sunshade Ray Protection


SUN PROTECTION– The roller blinds are perfect for protection against the sun and its heat. This sunshade protects yourself and your loved ones from the hot summer sun by reducing car interior temperature.
PRIVACY – The roller blinds black color of the outer mesh shades adds extra tinting to your car window only enhancing your car exterior. No professional tinting is needed for more privacy or a cooler look. You’ll enjoy much cooler in-cabin temperatures, greater privacy, and a clean, classy look.
 PREMIUM QUALITY – The roller blinds are constructed out of premium quality metallic reflective nylon and mesh plastic to ensure maximum strength and durability that will surely last you for years. Even intense summer weather won’t affect these shields nor will they crack like the majority of the other car sunshades do.
EASY TO STORE – The roller blinds are small in size and have a lightweight feature, simply roll back the blinds into their portable size and they can be easily stored in the glove compartment or even between your seat.
 EASY TO INSTALL – The roller blinds can be installed in 2 ways and brings no harm to your car window. Simply cling the suction cup to the window or either slide it up and hook it onto the window top.
Make your car a comfort zone by enhancing and accessorizing your vehicle with all our exclusive products.

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