2 Adjustable Round Blind Spot Mirror Long Arm Suction Angle Rear Lens



  1. Great visibility – The blind spot mirror gives you a realistic view 3X larger and clearer than other blind spot mirrors. The mirror comes with an adjustable swivel feature. With this, you get a satisfactory viewing angle.
  2. Adjustable – The Blind Spot mirror gives you more side to side and lateral adjustability than any other stick on mirror. Adjust and rotate your blind spot mirror for better visibility.
  3. Suction cup – With Blind Spot Mirror’s super strength suction cup makes it install/uninstall within seconds.
  4. Smart design – The concave design of the Blind Spot Mirror insures you will see it all from the vehicles to the pet on the road side. The mirror is equipped with its own ball and socket so you can adjust them separate from your existing mirrors.
  5. Premium quality – The blind spot mirror is made with premium quality materials. You will gain peace of mind with quality that similar looking knock offs simply don’t deliver. Skimping on quality should not be an option, especially on something as important as your ability to see effectively while driving.

Adjustable Round Blind Spot Mirror -2-Pack Long Arm HD Glass Convex Wide Angle Rear View Universal Fit Lens

  • Greatly Increases Safety on the Road. The mirror also helps you avoid the dreaded and tricky blindspots. Passing lanes, changing lanes, merging onto freeways or even backing and parking, the mirrors will give you the confidence and ability to do so easily.
  • Safety and Security. Works also as a baby mirror. A must-have for parents and guardian drivers, or any car owner. This mirror will make your driving so much better as you can only glance to the baby mirror to check your baby. The mirror is large and nice enough to also not block any line of sight.
  • 360 Rotatable Knob. You can pivot the headrest mirror to any angle. Designed to help you see your baby when they are in a rearward facing car seat, without having to turn your head whilst driving. Instead of craning your neck before changing lanes or merging onto the freeway, you’ll be safe to go in a glance.
  • Secure Disk Base. Adjustable and easy to install. No tools needed, adhesive to most type or mirrors. Can be removed without any mark. Just pull up and down the disk to either release or lock the base.
  • Flexible Bracket The bracket gives you free control to randomly bend the mirror to your preferred view. This allows for full maneuverability in all angles of your vehicle. Made with premium quality material to ensure flexibility and durability.
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