AHI SABIKI 8′ Fishing Rod Stick includes carrying case




  • This innovative rod is designed for bait fishing with Sabiki style Bait Rigs.
  • Designed with only one line feeder guide and an open ended rodtip, Sabiki Bait Rigs can be threaded into the rod blank eliminating tangled rigs and dangerously exposed hooks. When not in use, reel the entire Sabiki Rig into the blank for tangle less storage.
  • Easy to transport 3 piece design. Designed to be fished with Sabiki Rigs. 8 Foot model holds 6 hook Sabiki Rigs.
  • This new rod is designed to be used for fishing with any Sabiki bait rigs. This Sabiki rod can be used with both spinning and baitcasting reels. The rod is designed with one feeder guide near the reel and then threads through the center of the tubular rod.
  • When a Sabiki rig is tied on it can be retracted completely inside the rod for no hassle and tangle-free storage on the boat. The rod is a 3 piece design that can be easily packed and transported when not in use.
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