100-400Pcs Tea Bag Disposable Drawstring Flip Empty Teabag Herb Loose Tea Filter


Product Feature

  • High-temperature resistance: convenient and fast, not easy to break, high-temperature resistance, 100 boiling water is not easy to break, double S fabric design, light, and thin penetration, no powder.
  • Size: Each tea bag is 7x9cm (2.76×3.54inch), and the length of the drawstring is about 13 cm. It is a size suitable for putting tea into the bag. This site contains about 6-8 grams of tea and about 10 grams of powder.
  • Safe material: food-grade non-woven material, safe and environmentally friendly production, odorless, and self-degradable after being discarded.
  • Convenient drawstring: The packaging is simple, the drawstring is sealed, and the portable tea companion of the teacup, no tea leaves escape, keep your brewed tea clean and easy to handle after use.
  • Wide range of uses: suitable for loose tea, coffee, spices, vanilla, DIY scented tea, herbal tea DIY, herbal packs, foot bath packs, hot pot packs, soup packs, and can also be used as eye masks, making charcoal packs, sachets, condiment packs, etc.

Product Specification

  • Type: Disposable Tea Bag Filter Bag
  • Quantity: 100/200/400PCS
  • Color: White
  • Size: 7x9cm (2.76×3.54inch)
  • Material: Food Grade Non-Woven Fabric
  • Process: Gravure
  • Features: With Drawstring
  • Storage Method: Sealed, Dry, Moisture-Proof
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Uses: Tea Bags, Foot Bath Bags, Material Bags, Bamboo Charcoal Bags, Storage Bags, Etc.

Package Included
100/200/400 x Disposable Tea Bag Filter Bag


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