Baby Safety Cupboard Lock Invisible Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Kid Proof Latch


Baby Safety Cupboard Lock Invisible Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Kid Proof Latch
Not Need Drilling
Easy to install, no need for drilling. Install the lock with 3M adhesive tape.

Invisible from Outside
The magnetic child safety lock is invisible from the outside, so babies, and burglars, don’t know where they are.

No Screw
The magnetic child lock uses magnetic principles (Hence opposites attract, and similar poles repel) and modern designs, to make the lock more safe, reliable and beautiful.

No Effect on the Furniture
The Baby lock has no effect on the original furniture, such as sticky spots and/or stains.

Easy Install
Don’t need any special tools or drills.This magnetic locks with the mighty 3M adhesive will keep even the most stubborn baby out of your cabinets.

Stress-Free Safety
The goal of the lock is to prevent babies from opening the cabinet, drawer etc, so as to avoid eating and/or using the medicine, cleaning supplies, and the VEGETABLES!. A bonus is that the lock can be used in prevention of burglary.

Installation Instructions
1. Clean and dry the surface. Make sure no oil and/or dust at/near the area of installation.
2. Peel off the release paper and apply the safety locks, and latches on the separate surfaces of installation. Please use it after 24 hours of initial installation, so the tape has time to settle down and stick.
3. Use the switch to keep the lock always in a lock or unlock position.
4. To open the lock, put the key on the outside surface of the cabinet door against the location of the lock body. Please adhesive the magnetic key on a suction plate, wall, freezer or any place children cannot reach after use.

Used on a wide range of cabinets
This magnetic lock fits most cabinets and drawers. Baby safety locks should be installed inside the cabinet or drawer. You can use these cupboard locks to protect your child at home. There is 1 key, which you stick to the door of a cabinet, refrigerator, or cupboard. The baby magnet lock can be put inside a cabinet, refrigerator, or cupboard, which can prevent the baby from opening them. Thus the magnetic lock goes on the outside, while the cabinet door locks go on the inside.

Make your home beautiful and tidy
This revolutionary design lets you ensure your kid’s safety without making holes, screws or leaving any marks in your furniture. In addition, the locks and latches are mounted inside of the cabinet, which is more aesthetically appealing than external hardware.

Package Includes
A: 2 * Locks (each lock is 2-parts) + 1 * Key
B: 4 * Locks (each lock is 2-parts) + 1 * Key
C: 6 * Locks (each lock is 2-parts) + 1 * Key
D: 8 * Locks (each lock is 2-parts) + 2 * Keys
E: 12* Locks (each lock is 2-parts) + 2 * Keys

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