30 PACK PINK Collagen Crystal Lip Mask Lip Plumper Gel Moisturizer Lips Mask USA


Package included : 30 PCS Masks
Natural moisturizing Improved nourishment
Reduces lips dryness and gives them moisture
Nourishing moisturizing mask for lips with collagen
Lack of collagen
Dry skin with poor elasticity, wrinkles around eyes, lips and especially in the area of the forehead.
Sufficient collagen content
Skin texture is even, smooth and neat.
Collagen Nourishing and moisturizing
Nourishes skin of lips, refreshes, gives lips firmness and elasticity, making lips smooth, plump and shiny.
A lack of moisture in lips skin makes lips dried, they lose their luster.
Lips are shine, filled with moisture and a have healthy gloss.
Moisturized tender touch
The mask will reduce lips dryness and will make your lips moisturized and attractive
1. Solves the problem of dryness. Reduces dryness of lips, making lips matte, and moisturizes them.
2. Moisturizing. Saturates lips with moisture, moisturizes along the entire line of the lips.
3. Mild care. Naturally moisturizes lips and makes them natural and elastic.
4. Nourishes and moisturizes. Nourishes skin, making it smooth and gentle.
Tender, moist and charming lips. Reducing the problem of dry lips.
Method of use
1. Take the mask for lips with collagen from the packaging
2. Apply a nourishing mask to lips, gently smooth it for tightly fit.
3. Wait 10-15 minutes until collagen and nutrients will be absorbed
4. Remove the mask. Use 2-3 times a week. Frequent use will restore lips healthy look

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